Fedgroup PE Plett

The Fedgroup PE PLETT is staged between Plettenberg Bay and Port Elizabeth and is undoubtedly the most diverse stage race on the planet. The route reverses every year with the March 2018 route starting at the beautiful Kurland Polo Fields, exposing the field of 250 riders to the beauty of Natures Valley, Otter Trail, Cape Pine Forest, Tsitiskamma Dairy farms , the Gamtoos valley and the day 4 finish at Crossways is the highlight as riders bomb down the single track playground of the 3 Rivers trails.
The 2018 edition will see some major route changes making the ride a lot easier as it bypasses the tough Suuranys mountains. There are 2 categories, the one is “The Tough One” which many see as a great warm up ride to the Epic and the LITE which attracts those real weekend warriors and have them rubbing shoulders with the PRO’s in the festive Chill Zone where beer and wine is on the house .
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South Africa: 1 to 4 March 2018

LITE:                   Day 1: 63km  Day 2: 68 km   Day 3: 51km    Day 4: 48km
TOUGH ONE      Day 1: 91km  Day 2: 83 km   Day 3: 71 km   Day 4: 63km

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